Before creating and uploading a website, it is important to take the time to plan exactly what is needed in the website. Thoroughly considering the audience or target market, as well as defining the purpose and deciding what content will be developed are extremely important. Techillo, LLC has designed, promoted, and provided consultation services on many web sites for entrepreneurs, and small businesses, home based businesses, start-ups, families, non-profit organizations, and everyday people that just want to put their message or products online.  The businesses that we serve include;

  • Hair Salons
  • Staffing Companies
  • Medical Offices
  • Banking Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Art Galleries

E-Commerce websites under management

M&F Bank - mfbonline.com

ArtJazz Art Gallery - artjaz.com

Homeland Security Verification Services - i9direct.com

Pammies Spice - pammiesspice.com

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